YiDai Jewelry Showcase

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Jewelry lease
Yibao jewelry is a jewelry leasing company,
and it provides a new business concept which allows its members to lease jewelry from the company.

The company emphasizes the jewelry is a natural gift, not wealth show.
The idea is the importance is to wear rather than to own.
The jewelry is inherently natural and every single jewel is unique in its own.
Our design is to restore the status of the original, to place in a natural landscape,
to have self-discovery and to explore naturally.
There are three types of exhibition cupboards including high mountains, hills and water.
It allows digital to control the cost. In the meanwhile,
the provision of the different combinations exhibits the diversity of various topics and volatility.



Natural atmosphere
We try to have exhibition cupboards in the patterns well used the nature and unified with
surrounding natural environment.
Moutians, water, and cloud, through abstract the patterns, draw the art of a whole landscape images.

The focus is the jewelry, scene is the body, people’s participant is to build the crowd,
observe and further discover.
Apart from traditional jewelry exhibition cupboards wither “Barriers”,
free the floor layout is to render “absolute” exhibition hall open status.

Exploration process
There are no absolute identical pieces of jewelry.
We have given every piece of jewelry  with unique environment scenario.

Let customers self-explore and enjoy the beauty of the jewelry,
understand each artist and read stories behind the jewelries.