Landscape Island


We need to find how to define the Qianhai Stone Landscape Island,
and what  Qianhai needs to stimulate its citizens to create more values.
Qianhai has abundant infrastructural facilities.
Qianhai has strong driving forces of economical development.
Qianhai has the conditions needed to become a mega city.

Qianhai needs rapidly developing without losing urban cultures
Qianhai needs encourage the connection between the city and its citizens.
Qianhai needs instill local pride in each citizen.
Qianhai needs make its citizens to feel belonging to this city.
Qianhai needs show its value and self-worthiness.


In the field of hope

We hope to create a “Field of Hope” in Qianhai. People came here and built their own memories in the island.
That means, through constructing an enjoyable environment we can extend the commercial value of Qianhai.

Mountains surround the entire island covered by corps.
Thus, people who come here will see the natural environment, relax and enjoy the beautiful view of farming field.
In addition, using the Natural Precipitation Collection, we could create the Clean Water System.
The fresh sea wind will be used as energy, and sunlight will be converted to solar system and be stored.

Buildings in Qianhai will be constructed beneath fields.
Therefore, the self-sufficient ecosystem will be used to create a comfortable indoor environment.
The interior of the island is a flexible exhibition hall, where Qianhai and its future will be discussed.

The two vertical farms inside the island reflect the operation of the ecosystem.
They provide every person, who visits here, an opportunity to participate in the whole process from the cultivation to the harvest.
Meanwhile, children can feel the beauty of natural.

The entire structure will not only become a self-sufficient life organization, but also provide a suitable growth condition for a variety of crops.
Each sower will receive the fruits sown by others few months ago.
Every sower seeds his or her hope, and every fruit represents other citizen’s expectation.