Magic Dressing Room
Interior丨Beijing丨2015丨In progress

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Woman’s Walk-in closet is treated as the person, who is her best girl friend forever,
Women’s Walk-in closet is perceived as the chest which contains her treasuries,
Women’s Walk-in Closet is the place where hold all her dreams,
Women’s walk-in closet is the magic crystal to dress for all occasions without frustration.

How to create such a personal customized dressing place?
How to create the place to inspire any imagination?
How to create the place to motivate different designs of outfit?


Our design combines the idea of a function oriented closet and a magic show room.
Clothing, shoes, jewelry, scarves, belts,
as well as other accessories she owns has a dedicated place in this beautifully designed array.
This is the heaven of organization.
Everything she needs to complete her outfit is easily visible and right at her fingertips,
serving as her “treasury box”.
By having the large mirror in place, the walk-in closet is also the magic show room to hold all her fashion shows.

Walking into the show room is similar to get into a magic mirror world.
By having smart display and reflection between mirrors, only people exist in the space.
Every expression, gesture and any set of dress can be refined, carved and compared,
Beauty like the phoenix rises from the ashes, just let the mirror tell you how to become more beautiful.