Industrial Museum
Architecture丨Chongqing丨8000㎡丨2013丨Competition丨3rd prize

The Heavy steel in Chongqing Dadukou District represents the industrial developmentof Chongqing.
Industrial development is one of the great achievements of the city, which changes  citizens’ lives meaningfully.
Today, Dadukou is pushing reconstruction of industry support system
to achieve the economic transformationand buildingthe “happiness dadukou”to realize social transformation.
Which kind of attitude does Dadukou need as it faces the historic turn?
How could an industrial museum to be used to mark the contemporary era?

Industrial Museum
Industrial civilization has created the great wealth, but the destruction it brought to us is unexpected.
Weuse the natural resources without recognizing the possible consequences that become to be disclosed.
What else does a theme industrial museum need to bring to the city except the records of historic information?
How to use the Industrial Museum to reflect
what we get and lose and how to pass the reflections on the next generation are the questions.



We will eventually reach the natural and ecological future.
Base is located inside the park and nearbyroad and water.
Museum is an open space.
People have many possible ways to enter the museum.
The green space and public space are provided to visitors and residents as large as possible.

Visitors will connect with natural directly.
No matter from which direction the tourists enter the museum,
they will pass through plants, and thereby meet outdoor exhibitsunintentionally.
Then when they  go downstairs, they will reach the central square of the museum.
(Multi-functional Central Squareis the entrance of the museum,
the theater stage, and the center of the public celebration).

The way to entry into the museum not only brings pleasures to visitors,
but also brings an experience of exploration to them.
The museum accepts visitors with whateverpurposes and encourages people to
experience this museumdynamically and to figure out the relationship between the industrialization and the city.

Industry has brought not only prosperity and glory but also problems.
The problems originated from nature, and will be eventually solved by the nature.
Museum does not attempt to builda physicalenvironment, but try to create an atmosphere,
giving the place multiple meanings and bringing spaces of possibilities to the city as many as possible.

Museum records the history of the industrial development and looks forward to the future.
What is more, the museum should be a free area to provide spaces for people to think about the city’s past,
present and future .