Lake Restraunt
Architecture丨Interior丨Chengdu丨900㎡丨2014丨under construction

The Project is located at the lakeside of the public park,
in which the natural environment is superior.
Thus in order to not disturb this natural environment,
we decide to take a more gentle way to construct this small building.

Such as magnolia petals blowandfloat above the water, buildings hide,
and nature will truly emerge out.



Building conforms the riparian landscape and forms the roof,
then tilts to the lakeshore.
After growing out from nature,
the building and its roof provide additional public space at the same time.

Under the roof,
the interior space opens to the environment to the best extent possible with 360 degree view sight.

A continuous curve constructs various function spaces betweenopening and closing,
and further defines an activity area involved in different frequencies.
All of these reduce individuals’ physical activity imperceptibly besides telling them how to use the building.